The Complete Filmmaker Guide

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109 Lessons (5h)

  • Course Introduction
    00. COURSE INTRO10:47
  • Personal Development
    1. Introduction1:17
    2. Beginnning Ideas2:31
    3. Self Developement5:01
    4. Creating More Time5:58
    7. Improving on Past Work6:09
    9. Clarity of Film Direction4:12
    5. Making a Map2:19
    6. Film Development4:00
    8. Mastering Equipment2:40
  • Pre-Production
    1. Pre-Prod Intro1:37
    2. Pre-Prod Overview3:30
    3. Pre-Prod Checklist1:57
    4. Equipment0:59
    5. Defining Characters1:17
    6. Creating a Story1:09
    7. Script0:32
    8. Stylesheet and Shotlist1:26
    9. Crew1:42
    10. Logistics0:35
  • Production
    1. Understanding your camera0:54
    2. Latitude4:44
    3. Picture Profile3:44
    5. Exposure-ISO1:49
    6. White Balance2:03
    7. Shutter Speed3:58
    8. Aperture0:26
    9. Frame Rates4:27
    10. Video Format1:22
    11. Lenses Intro0:30
    12. Lens Functions3:41
    13. Lens DOF3:11
    14. Guiding the Audience with DOF1:30
    15. Lens Types Intro0:33
    16. Lens Types7:12
    17. Prime vs. Zoom4:11
    18. Lens Recap0:27
    19. Lighting Principles4:30
    20. Types of lighting1:00
    21. Lighting Terms1:18
    22. High Key Lighting4:17
    23. 2 and 3 Point Lighting3:31
    24. Natural Lighting2:20
    25. Synthesising Lighting Techniques NEW6:47
    27. Sound Recording Fundamentals3:07
    28. Keys of Sound Recording1:26
    29. Distance and Sound3:10
    31. Sound and the Environment-2:07
    33. Types Of Microphones2:48
    32. Capturing Room Tone1:56
    34. Audio Recap1:15
    35. Filming Fundamentals Intro-3:48
    36. Theory of Cinematography1:19
    37. Filming Coverage and Its Effect2:19
    38. Framing In Depth Intro1:11
    39. 180 Degree Rule2:09
    40. Types of Framing5:19
    41. The Rule of Thirds5:06
    42. Frame Balancing2:11
    43. Breaking the Rules Intro0:36
    44. Creating Emotion with Framing2:58
    45. Framing Overview2:06
    46. Camera Movement Intro0:52
    48. Zooming vs. Camera Movement2:06
    49. Types of Camera Movement5:51
    50. Camera Speed3:20
    52. Quality of Camera Movement3:24
    53. Shooting with Multiple Cameras3:17
  • Post Production
    2. Intro & Main Ideas6:33
    3. Track selection3:03
    4. Capturing and Organizing Content3:19
    5. Pulling Selects3:40
    6. Understanding Selects & First Edits2:30
    7. Creating The First Cut2:57
    8. Creating the second Cut3:08
    9. Refining Proccess Overview1:09
    10. Editing Shot Choice1:52
    11. Editing Shot Ordering - 23:53
    12. Editing Shot Length3:45
    13. Knowing When to Cut2:30
    14. Cutting with Storytelling-1:31
    15. Editing With Rhythm6:05
    16. Using Eye Trace2:29
    17. Theory of Editing Principles1:48
    18. Continuity NEW2:01
    19. Cutting on Movement, Camera, and Shape3:57
    20. Jumpcuts1:40
    21. Cutting In and Out2:24
    22. Time and Filmmaking2:07
    23. How and When to break the rules0:33
    24. Breaking the 180 Degree Rule0:55
    25. Breaking Eye Trace1:43
    26. Breaking Rhythm-2:50
    28. Montage Intro0:47
    29. Montage Overview1:38
    30. Montage Examples Introduction0:36
    31. Main Types of Montage2:34
    32. Mastering Music Montage8:26
    33. Matching Up Visuals with Sound2:59
    34. Montage Beginning, Middle, and End2:19
    35. Vibes from Sound track0:43
    36. Hip Hop-Sound Driven Montage7:41
    37. Using Title Cards3:20
    38. When to Use Text2:03
    39. Using Motion Graphics5:45
    40. Color Correction6:03
    41. Color Grading2:47
    42. EXPORTING0:53
  • Course Conclusion
    00. COURSE OUTRO2:46

From Pre-Production to Editing, Break Down the Video Creation Process in 5 Hours

Julian Melanson


Through creating high-end commercials with well-established clients, artists, and brands from around the world, Julian Melanson discovered what makes films great. He found out that it doesn’t matter what budget you have, which software you're editing on, or what equipment you own. What DOES matter are the underlying principles and techniques behind what you do that creates something amazing.

Learning this on his own outside of “traditional” schooling, he truly wanted to create a space where others could benefit from the knowledge he gained. He created a YouTube series designed to “help creative minded, turn their passion into a career.” Today, this channel has been showcased by film festivals and websites such as, "NoFilmSchool" with over 2.5m views & 40k inspired followers.


Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or an ambitious YouTuber, this course is your ticket to creating stunning video content. Jump in, and you'll get a wall-to-wall look at the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video. From pre-production to editing and everything in between, this course walks you through each step, so you'll come out ready to make your own projects.

  • Access 109 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the importance of creative development & self-discovery
  • Dive into pre-production & the guidelines all films follow
  • Explore production secrets for creating stunning videos regardless of your equipment
  • Learn about post-production & how to capture, organize and create a rough edit


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  • Access options: mobile and desktop
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  • Experience level required: beginner


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