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  • Section 1 - Course Overview and Housekeeping
    What you can expect from this course1:57
    Course Purpose1:44
    Course Structure1:56
    YES, you can SUCCEED with this course - Allaying your Fears2:52
    Getting into the Right Frame of Mind for Learning0:22
  • Section 2 - Observing a Mind Mapper at Work
    Benefits of Mnd Mapping + QUIZ4:11
    Mind Mapping a Holiday + QUIZ6:41
    Mind Mapping an Article15:08
    How we all LEARN - the Race Learning Cycle18:20
    Learning About Your Brain + QUIZ14:36
    A Mind Map of How to Mind Map!23:33
    The Second Secret of Effective Mind Mapping - Observe Good Practice0:33
  • Section 3 - Reading Mind Maps
    Reading Mind Maps - the Benefits you get5:35
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Read about a Holiday in Goa + QUIZ3:04
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Read the 'HowtoMindMap' Mind Map3:48
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Read a Book Summary + QUIZ2:42
    Do the Easy Things First! (The Third Secret of Effective Mind Mapping)0:37
  • Section 4 - Getting the FEEL of the technique (what software can't give you - YET)
    Get ready to copy a Mind Map4:37
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY - Step by Step copying of a Mind Map8:05
    Well done - now you're getting the 'feel' for the technique0:32
  • Section 5 - Integrate the Learning
    For effective Mind Mapping - The importance of integrating the key ideas3:21
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY; How the Memory Works (Exercise Part One)9:29
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY; How the Memory Works (Exercise Completion))12:21
    Chunking Up and Chunking Down and Information Hierarchies13:47
    SUMMARY: Key Points about Mind Mapping6:24
    Start Integrating the Key Principles0:45
  • Section 6 - Creating your own mind maps (with a helping hand)
    Creating a Mind Map 'template'1:28
    Using a Template - Mapping my/your Life Highlights18:58
    PRACTICE ACTIVITY - Map YOUR Life Highlights
    Using a Mind Map to set GOALS - PRACTICE ACTIVITY2:36
    Using all the Aids at your Disposal0:38
  • Section 7 - Now Create a Mind Map on your Own
    Create a Personal Mind Map (PRACTICE ACTIVITY)0:31
    Create a Work Mind Map (PRACTICE ACTIVITY)0:27
    Create One more Mind Map (PRACTICE ACTIVITY)0:41
    IMPORTANT - PRACTICE makes PERMANENT (and only you can do the Practice)0:50
  • Section 8 - Review What You Have Learnt
    Study and Review and Take Action to Improve7:56
    Persevere with Improvement + QUIZ/competence checklist6:48
    Well Done on completing the course!1:18
  • Section 9 - Bonus Section - Live talks and other stuff ..... on Mind Mapping
    Live Recording: Mind Mapping for Project Managers (Part 1)29:48
    Part 2 - Live Recording: Mind Mapping for Project Managers33:28
    Talking through a Mind Map of a Book8:59
    Note Making with Mind Mapping (apologies poor video quality)21:46
    Mindmapping WORKSHOPS (useful for Teachers and Trainers)9:02

5 Hours of Content to Help You Think Clearly, Organize Better, & Recall Information Faster

Barry Mapp

Barry Mapp

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Barry Mapp is a speaker, trainer, and personal development coach based in the UK with a special interest in the brain, accelerated learning and people development. He is a Mind Mapping Specialist (check out his profile on LinkedIn). As well as being currently in demand for his work on Strategic Thinking, his present main focus is developing high quality, simple, innovative, life-skills based, video e-learning courses. He has more than 20,000 students in more than 160 countries across a number of learning platforms.


The course goes beyond mind mapping itself and covers both how the memory works and how to integrate mind mapping into your daily work or study. It can help you remember and recall articles, remember other online courses, help you prepare for meetings, and much more. Most importantly, the course teaches you how to use mind maps to think more clearly and increase personal productivity. You'll learn how to save time on any task that requires planning, preparation, and clarity. By following this course step-by-step, you'll ensure that you're able to maximize the effectiveness of mind mapping, streamline your thought processes, and become more productive.

  • Access 43 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Think clearly & streamline ideas so you can express them effectively
  • Quickly organize thoughts, ideas, or goals
  • Efficiently prepare events, speeches, articles, business plans, or marketing plans
  • Get information into your head quickly & back out again just as fast
  • Change the way you plan


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