The Complete Mobile App Design From Scratch: Design 15 Apps

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166 Lessons (27h)

  • The Color Anthology
    Color Theory5:07
    The Art of Color Scheme Combination for UI/UX design9:09
    All About Hue, Saturation and Value6:46
    The Psychology of Color5:34
  • The Anatomy of Typography
    What is Typography3:55
    The Fundamental of Typography2:35
    Best Free Fonts Resourses3:18
    Get the Best Font for Your Mobile App2:30
    What Fonts Top Apps Uses3:42
  • Learn Balsamiq. The Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software
    Learn Balsamiq from Scratch9:39
    Wireframe a Profile screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq8:01
    Wireframe Bottom bar of Profile Screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq2:34
    Wireframe People screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq9:13
    Wireframe Group screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq10:18
    Wireframe Topbar of Chat screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq10:03
    Wireframe Bottom bar of Chat screen of Facebook Messenger by Balsamiq9:38
  • Photoshop CC from Scratch: Create anything you can imagine. Anywhere you are.
    Download Photoshop CC and Tweak Preference for Mac and PC8:49
    Overview of Photoshop CC6:13
    Layer of Photoshop CC14:42
    Move and Alignment of Photoshop CC4:35
    Layer Style of Photoshop CC11:58
    Vector Shape of Photoshop CC18:08
    Guide and Smart Guide in Photoshop CC9:21
    Artboard of Photoshop CC8:42
    Path Selection and Direct selection of Photoshop CC3:29
    Pen Tool of Photoshop CC4:32
    Gradient of Photoshop CC7:20
    Type Tool of Photoshop CC6:15
    Smart Object, Blur and clipping mask of Photoshop CC7:07
    Save and Export of Photoshop CC8:40
  • Design a Facebook Messenger Mobile Apps for iOS By Photoshop CC
    Topbar of Groups screen of Facebook Messenger9:37
    Group Menu of Group Screen of Facebook Messenger.14:23
    Three more Group Menu of Group Screen of Facebook Messenger14:10
    Bottom bar of Group Screen of Facebook Messenger.15:10
    Topbar, Search bar and Button of People screen of Facebook Messenger19:06
    Contact list of People Screen of Facebook Messenger17:51
    Topbar of Chat Screen of Facebook Messenger13:06
    Text Message Between the User of Chat Screen of Facebook Messenger.19:45
    Message Input Bar of Chat Screen Of Facebook Messenger13:46
    Topbar and Search bar of Profile Screen of Facebook Messenger13:04
    Username, Phone number and Notification of Profile Screen of Facebook Messenger11:33
    Username Icon and organize Layer of Profile Screen of Facebook Messenge9:00
    Phone Icon, Notification Icon and Bottombar of Profile Screen14:52
  • Pinterest App Design for iOS By Photoshop CC
    Topbar, Profile image and Description of Others Profile Screen for Pinterest.16:35
    Statistics and Image gallery Shape of Others Profile Screen for Pinterest.14:26
    Profile Image gallery and Bottom bar of Others Profile Screen for Pinterest.17:32
    Searchbar and Profile Image of My Profile Screen for Pinterest.13:44
    Stats and Image gallery Shape of My Profile Screen for Pinterest.16:50
    Replacing Image & bottom bar of My Profile Screen for Pinterest.18:52
    Design Navigation and Shapes of Feed Screen for Pinterest13:57
    All The Feed with Shapes, Image and Text of Feed Screen for Pinterest12:56
    Change Image and Text of Feed Screen for Pinterest19:50
    Changing More Image and Placing Bottom bar of Feed Screen for Pinterest10:34
  • New Instagram App Design for iOS By Photoshop CC
    Topbar, Profile Image and Displaying Image of Image Feed Screen for Instagram14:06
    Comment, like, share icon and counting of Image Feed Screen for Instagram8:09
    Bottom Bar and Icon of Image Feed Screen for Instagram13:31
    Topbar, Profile image & Statistics of Profile Screen for Instagram17:12
    Gallery Icon & Image Gallery Shape of Profile Image for Instagram18:28
    Clipping Image in The Image Gallery of Profile Image for Instagram13:38
    Design Challenge of Instagram: Other User Profile for Instagram1:31
    Solution of Challenge: Design button, Topbar and Text12:31
    Solution of Challenge: Design Icon and Replace Images15:30
  • Uber App Design for Android Mobile By Photoshop CC
    Navigation, Adding Place and Map of Uber Confirmation Screen for Uber15:43
    Transparent Message, Placing Pin and Shape of Uber Confirmation for Uber15:59
    Payment, Fare, Promo and Request VIP button of Uber Confirmation For Uber17:03
    Translucent Side Menu, Profile image and Description of Uber Profile For Uber17:26
    Placing Icon and Icon Description in Side Menu of Uber Profile For Uber17:48
    Replacing Icon and Text Description in Side Menu of Uber Profile For Uber13:39
  • Learn Complete Sketch App 4 From Scratch
    Sketch Download and Install On Mac and PC2:38
    Sketch App overview9:19
    Artboard and Pages of Sketch10:27
    Layer of Sketch7:54
    Layer Style of Sketch14:24
    Shapes of Sketch8:24
    Editing The Shape of Sketch9:29
    Selection, Transform And Scissors of Sketch14:37
    Boolean, Vector Path and Pencil of Sketch6:28
    Ruler, Guide, Smart Guide of Sketch6:31
    Text, Text Style and Text Curve of Sketch10:52
    Image Editing, Mask, Rotate Copies and Symbol of Sketch9:42
    Plugins Of Sketch. (Installing and work with Plugin)8:51
    Saving and Exporting Assets of Sketch8:40
    Mirror OF Sketch (Using iOS Devise and Browser to Preview the Design)4:59
  • Design Snapchat App for iOS By Sketch App
    Placing Statusbar, Topbar Icon of Profile Screen For Snapchat10:21
    Snapchat Logo, Profile Image and User name of Profile Screen For Snapchat8:52
    Profile Menu with Icon and Camera Icon of Profile Screen For Snapchat11:31
    Navigation and Six Rectangle Shape of Discover Screen For Snapchat9:31
    Placing Image, Text and Color on First 3 Shapes of Discover Screen For Snapchat11:24
    Placing Image, Text and Color on Last 3 Shapes of Discover Screen For Snapchat13:40
    Topbar, Resize and placing 4 News Stream of Stories Screen For Snapchat15:24
    Recent Updates Text and Shape of Stories Screen For Snapchat14:43
    More Updates, Scrolling Opacity and Few Icons of Stories Screen For Snapchat19:52
  • Design Tinder App for Android By Sketch App
    Topbar and Searching Ray of Search Screen For Tinder15:18
    Refresh, Nope, Like and Super Like Icon of Search Screen For Tinder15:12
    Browse Screen of Tinder13:31
    Like Screen Of Tinder11:24
    Nope or Dislike Screen of Tinder8:06
    Challenge of Tinder Design For You1:16
    Solution of Tinder Challenge7:33
    Navigation bar, Message Shape and Text of Message Screen For Tinder16:23
    Send Message bar, Message Text and Keyboard of Message Screen For Tinder16:41
  • Design Periscope App for Android Mobile By Sketch App
    Topbar, Live Stream video, Button and Text for Live Feed Screen Of Periscope17:14
    More Live Stream video, Icon, Button and Text for Live Feed Screen Of Periscope14:03
    Camera Card, Blur Image, Round Image of Camera Screen For Periscope.17:02
    Enable Camera, Mic, Location Button and Text of Camera Screen For Periscope16:23
    Profile card, Image and text description of Profile Screen For Periscope10:37
    Following, Follower, Blocked and Broadcast stats of Profile Screen of Periscope15:39
  • Learn Principle For Mac App From Scratch
    Download, Install and Overview Principle For Mac2:29
    Animation and Transition of Principle For Mac10:05
    Interface Of Principle For Mac7:51
    Importing From Sketch and Photoshop to Principle For Mac3:54
    Saving and Sharing Prototype of Principle For Mac2:37
  • Prototype in Principle
    Page Walkthrough of AirBnB App Prototype in Principle6:01
    Scrolling Recipe App Prototype in Principle3:51
    Challenge for You in Principle1:15
    Solution of Challenge: Animate Menubar in Principle7:15
    Driver in Principle12:50
  • Learn Flinto From Scratch to Prototype
    Download and Installing Flinto2:38
    Flinto Interface and Setting Up a Project6:55
    Importing Asset from Sketch to Flinto5:58
    Basic Transition and Gesture in Flinto4:38
    Transition Between Screen in Flinto7:14
    Preview Spring Animation, Scroll and delete link in Flinto4:43
    Complete App Interaction and Prototype in Flinto7:40
    Saving and Sharing Prototype of App in Flinto3:39
  • Learn Invision and Prototype
    Invision App Overview3:10
    Dashboard Overview and Uploading Screens in Invision6:26
    Vine App Prototype in Invision11:48
    Challenge to Prototype Groupon App by Invision1:28
    Solution of Groupon App Prototype by Invision6:21
    Downloading Interactive app Prototype Offline and Preview2:45
  • Learn After Effects to Animate User Interface
    After Effects Download and Install1:24
    User Interface of After Effects9:20
    Composition in After Effects7:55
    Basic animation in After Effects9:27
    More About Animation, Keyframe, Easy Ease in After Effects6:23
    Applying Effects and Layer Expression in After Effects7:39
    Scaling Shapes And Placing Anchor Point in After Effects5:21
  • Fitness App User Interface Animation by After Effects
    Import PSD file, Animate Numbers of Fitness App by After Effects10:19
    Animate Circles with Radial Wipe, Apply Gradient and Numbers Bump of Fitness App15:14
    Fade in, Adding Phone Mockup and Rendering Video of Fitness App by After Effects12:27
    Import PSD and Animate The Chart of Fitness App by After Effects11:45
    Fade in Effects, Delay and Bump Effects of Fitness App by After Effects10:37
    A Challenge For You To Animate Number, Fad In and Bumps1:34
    The Solution - Increase Composition Time and Fade In by After Effects11:17
    The Solution - Numbers Animation and Rendering by After Effects15:02
  • Learn to Design Icon, App Icon and GUI
    Design 3 App Store Icon13:33
    Design (GUI) Graphic User Interface7:47
    Dashboard Analytics of Mobile App in Sketch35:07
    Music App Icon by Sketch App6:51
    Back Icon2:20
    Location Icon2:54
    Love or Heart Icon2:53
    Search Icon1:45
    E-mail Icon3:25
  • How to Make $100000 as a UI/UX designer by Freelancing.
    How to Earn $100000 As Freelance UI/UX Designer on Upwork.com8:37
    Create a Portfolio on and on and Get hired from There.8:51
    How to Earn From as UI/UX Designer.2:20
    How to Earn Money From as a UI/UX Designer.3:26
    How to Earn Money from as a UI/UX designer.8:52
  • Article and Exercise file
    All Exercise File
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