The Web Development Omnibus: jQuery, AngularJS and ReactJS

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212 Lessons (21h)

  • You, This Course and Us
    You, This Course and Us2:13
  • Introducing jQuery
    jQuery: You, This Course and Us1:59
  • Introduction To jQuery
    Client side programming with Javascript7:44
    Why is jQuery cool?8:09
    The Document Object Model4:45
  • Install And Set Up
    Npm and Http Server install4:49
    Download and set up jQuery3:32
    Set up examples used in this course2:14
  • Selectors
    Example 1: Hello jQuery World!11:33
    Example 2: Simple selectors4:12
    Example 3: More selectors9:12
    Example 4: Traversing The DOM8:37
    Example 5: Advanced selectors4:47
    Example 6: Select using functions - the filter() selector4:34
  • Some Loose Ends
    Example 7: Chaining4:38
    Example 8: jQuery in the no-conflict mode7:21
    Accessing native browser element1:20
  • Event Handling
    Events and event handling7:31
    Example 9: Event handlers9:14
    The event object6:04
    Example 10: Accessing the event object properties5:28
    Event capture and bubble phases8:09
    Example 11: Multiple event handlers4:34
    Example 12: Passing data to event handlers3:12
    Example 13: Listen just once3:10
    Example 14: Remove event handlers4:31
    Example 15: Events in namespaces6:22
    Event delegation6:07
    Example 16: Setting up delegated events5:07
    Example 17: Listening to key events3:06
    Example 18: Event triggers4:32
    Custom events4:06
    Example 19: Working with custom events4:29
  • CSS And Animations
    Effects and animations3:57
    Example 20: The css() function9:03
    Example 21: The show() and hide() functions6:03
    Example 22: The fadeIn() and fadeOut() animations3:01
    Example 23: The slideUp() and slideDown() animations2:15
    Example 24: The toggle() function2:44
    How do jQuery animations work?4:17
    Example 25: Run code after an animation completes4:38
    Example 26: The animate() function5:33
    Example 27: More animation fun4:02
    Example 28: Stop animations using the stop() function7:40
    Example 29: Delay animations using delay()3:47
    Example 30: Chaining and queueing animations7:34
    Example 31: Custom animation queues5:05
    Example 32: Bypassing the queue4:55
  • DOM Manipulation
    Manipulating the DOM1:15
    Example 33: Manipulating element contents4:29
    Example 34: The attr() and removeAttr() functions4:39
    Example 35: Add DOM elements relative to selected elements9:49
    Example 36: Create or clone elements6:31
    Example 37: The remove(), detach() and empty() functions7:34
    Example 38: The wrap() and wrapAll() functions4:03
    Example 39: Explicit iteration using each()2:24
  • Ajax Requests
    Example 40: The $.ajax() request10:10
    Example 41: Syntactic sugar - the $.get(), $.getScript(), $.getJSON()6:37
    Example 42: The load() function2:37
    Example 43: Sezrialize form contents using serialize() and serializeArray()7:18
    Example 44: Local and global Ajax events9:30
  • Performance Optimizations
    Categories of optimization techniques4:24
    Performance optimizations tips and tricks8:58
  • Plugins
    What are plugins?4:00
    Example 45: The Slick carousel9:27
    Building your own custom plugin4:20
    Example 46: Our first custom plugin, the fancyButton()4:33
    Example 47: Best practices to follow in the fancyButton() plugin7:44
  • The Widget Factory
    What is the Widget Factory?5:35
    Example 48: Build your first widget7:52
    Example 49: Widgets which expose methods to manipulate them9:31
    Example 50: Widgets which trigger events7:05
  • The jQuery UI Library
    Download and install the jQuery UI library8:44
    Example 51: Set up components using the jQuery UI library5:31
    Example 52: The effects() function3:12
    The jQuery UI theme roller5:24
    Example 53: Try a custom theme1:26
  • Introducing Angular
    Angular: You, This Course And Us2:08
  • Introduction To Angular
    Pure Javascript doesn't cut it anymore9:52
    Why is Angular cool?10:15
  • Install And Setup
    Installing Angular3:38
    What are those Angular files all about?6:02
    Npm And Http Server Install5:03
  • Basic Overview Of Angular Components
    Conceptual overview9:24
    Example 1: Hello Angular World!4:15
    Example 2: Data Binding5:39
    Example 3: Controllers10:15
    Example 4: Services10:01
  • Controllers: Digging Deeper
    Traditional data binding vs Angular data binding: Angular wins hands down!6:34
    So, what exactly is a controller?5:04
    Example 5: Controller holds state and behavior11:11
  • Services: Digging Deeper
    So, what exactly is a service?3:10
    Example 6: Lazily instantiated singleton services11:02
  • Scopes And Scope Inheritance
    Example 7: Different controllers have different scopes11:53
    Example 8: Nested scopes7:25
    Scope inheritance and hierarchy5:45
    Example 9: Scope inheritance at work7:55
    Scope event propagation2:27
    Example 10: Emit and broadcast events9:04
  • Built-In And Custom Directives
    So, what exactly are directives?10:58
    Example 11: The template expanding directive6:37
    Example 12: Using the templateUrl property3:04
    Example 13: Functions in the templateUrl property5:55
    Example 14: Custom directives with the restrict option4:14
  • Directives And Isolated Scopes
    Example 15: Using the same directive in different controllers4:44
    Isolated scopes11:40
    Example 16: Understand how isolated scopes work3:44
  • Behind The Scenes: $watch, $apply and $digest
    Data binding and $watch(), $apply() and $digest()11:21
    Example 17: The watch list3:44
    The Angular context11:09
    Example 18: The $apply() function and the $digest() loop4:29
    Example 19: Prefer $apply(fn) to $apply()4:33
    Example 20: Use Angular libraries where possible2:27
    Example 21: Watches on objects and collections8:32
  • Expressions
    Example 22: Expressions5:00
    Javascript Vs Angular Expressions4:47
    Example 23: One-time binding5:20
  • Filters
    Example 24: Built In Filters8:08
    Example 25: The orderBy filter11:31
    Example 26: The "filter" filter10:31
    Example 27: Build your own custom filter6:38
  • Forms And Validation
    Example 28: A simple form6:19
    Example 28 continued: Forms and CSS classes6:38
    Example 29: Forms and the control state13:57
    Example 30: The select options UI control2:57
  • Directives: Digging Deeper
    Example 31: DOM manipulating directives5:33
    Example 32: Event listening directives4:50
  • Behind The Scenes: Dependency Injection
    Dependency injection7:34
    Example 33: Different ways of injecting dependencies7:53
    Provider recipes - yes that is what it is called9:18
    Example 34: The Provider, Service and Factory recipes8:18
  • The Final Stretch
    Modules and Configs4:06
    Example 35: The Http service6:15
    Example 36: Routing and Single Page Applications9:20
  • Introducing React
    React: You, This Course and Us2:31
  • Introduction
    What Is React?9:18
    What Makes React Cool?8:47
  • Install and Set up
    Npm And Http Server Install4:49
    Running Examples On The Http Server2:41
    Accessing ReactJS Files1:51
    Using SublimeText For Coding In React2:16
  • React Basics
    Example 1: Hello World5:13
    The Virtual DOM5:20
    Example 2: Nested Elements5:25
    Terms In React4:59
    Example 3: Factory Functions3:48
  • JSX and the Babel Compiler
    What Is JSX?8:30
    The Babel REPL Environment4:32
    Babel For Development And Production Environments4:58
    Example 4: Elements With JSX3:14
  • React Components
    Introduction To Components2:24
    Example 4: A Stateless React Component7:15
    Example 5: The Render Function5:30
  • State and Props: Immutable Props
    Introduction To State And Props4:26
    Example 7: Props3:48
    Example 8: Passing Props To Nested Components5:02
    Example 9: Transferring Props To Child Components5:27
    Example 10: The Spread Operator4:48
    Example 11: Dynamic Types Using Props8:53
    Example 12: Validation With Prop Types10:50
    Example 13: Accessing A Component's Children Using Props4:45
    Example 14: Lambda Expressions As Children4:45
    Example 15: Components And Child Expressions7:52
  • State and Props: The Component as a State Machine
    Components As State Machines4:47
    Example 16: State3:13
    Example 17: Update State9:53
    Example 18: Accessing Previous State5:22
    Properties Of State6:12
  • Synthetic Events in React
    Capture And Bubble Phases7:48
    Example 19: Events6:18
    The Synthetic Event12:34
    Example 20: Working With Synthetic Events3:52
  • Bringing It All Together in A Single Application
    Example 21: The Comment App Visual Representation9:09
    Example 22: The Comment App With Props5:04
    Example 23: Adding A New Comment9:30
    Example 23: Deleting Comments5:43
  • The React Component Lifecycle
    Component Lifecycle Methods: The Mounting Phase5:59
    Example 24: The Mounting Phase Lifecycle Methods8:35
    Example 25: The Unmounting Phase Lifecycle Methods11:11
    Component Lifecycle Methods: The Updating Phase3:24
    Example 26: The Updating Phase, componentWillReceiveProps()9:15
    Example 27: The Updating Phase, shouldComponentUpdate()12:13
    Example 28: The Updating Phase Lifecycle Methods7:06
  • Mixins
    Example 29: Mixins5:09
    Example 30: Nested And Multiple Mixins6:30
  • ES Syntactic Sugar
    ES6 Classes For React3:23
    Example 31: ES6 Classes And The React.createClass() Function11:09
  • Forms
    Introduction To Forms2:18
    Example 32: Controlled Components7:04
    Example 32: Controlled Components Continued6:35
    Example 33: Componentize Forms7:01
    Example 33: Componentize Forms Continued4:26
    Example 34: Form Validation10:49
  • Miscellaneous
    Example 35: Accessing Native DOM Elements7:07
    Example 36: Accessing DOM Elements In A React Component5:28
    Example 36: The React Context7:43
    DOM Reconciliation9:25
  • React In Production
    React In Production: Setting Up Webpack8:29
    React In Production: The Babel Loader6:07
    React In Production: Watching For App Changes3:04
  • Animations
    Animation Add Ons In React2:01
    Example 38: The React Transition Group5:54
    Example 38: The React Transition Group continued9:06
    Example 39: The React CSS Transition Group6:23
  • Routing
    Example 40: React Router: Basic Routing5:48
    Example 40: React Router: Routing With Links6:10
  • One Last Thing…
    The Webpack Dev Server2:23

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This comprehensive course covers three powerful and versatile JavaScript frameworks: jQuery, AngularJS, and ReactJS. These three frameworks form the advanced building blocks of many websites, and learning them all here will teach you how to build interactive websites from scratch.

  • Access 212 lectures & 21 hours of content 24/7
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  • Cover the basics, advanced topics, & plugins of jQuery
  • Explore AngularJS in depth, including custom directives for template expansion, DOM manipulation, scope inheritance, & more
  • Discover the React component lifecycle, the component mounting, updating & unmounting phases, & more
  • Learn about React in production environments


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